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lol, japan

I personally love blogging and expressing myself, so lol, japan was started back in 2005 on my personal server as just an outlet where I wrote about anything and everything. 2006 was when I moved the blog over to wordpress and began to focus more on Japanese pop culture as a whole than anime and manga. Unfortunately, due to many factors — the big one being a lack of interest, lol japan was rarely updated. Still even today I can’t guarantee that I will be on top of blogging but I hope that I will continue to have the drive to still keep doing it.

This blog’s main characteristic is the very brash and blunt presentation of my views on the topics I talk about, especially my reviews. It’s just who I am.

about me

im a woman in her late 20s who lives in japan and blogs about things from this weird ass country.

5 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. HEYS!!! just wanna say that ur blog is really good!!! i love the info on anything n everything Japanese!! lol…anw…im from Singapore…

  2. Hye there.
    Just found your blog.
    A very nice blog.

    Keep on writing please. Really appreciate your post/review/comments on Jdorama.

  3. Please, please don’t ever stop writing! I love this blog, SO MUCH!
    Gambare! *V-sign*

  4. i happened to stumble upon your blog when i was looking for jdrama reviews and ta da i’m here. you definitely have unique reviews in that most of them are negative lol, but sure enough i agree that jdrama quality has been decreasing the past 3-4 years. i came here because of “freeter ie o kau” and contrary to how you feel about the drama, i think it’s not bad at all. perhaps i’m in the same slump that he is going through and is just going thru shit as well. anyhow, just leaving my 2cents here and hopefully jdrama quality will increase in the future =p

  5. shinakuma said:

    Ladynercury!!! Hi its shinakuma from Hawaii-radio. Hit me up sometime! I would love to talk to you!

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